Lightning Strike Available with General Jimmy Doolittle & 6 Pilot Autographs


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Lightning Strike Limited Edition Print – Available Framed & Matted with General Jimmy Doolittle + 6 Flying Aces Autographs!

Artist: Nicholas Watts

Carrying the markings of the USAAF 55th Fighter Squadron, the Lockheed P-38J “California Cutie” flown by Richard Loehnert is depicted during a low level strike against a Luftwaffe airfield prior to the Normandy invasion. Based at Kings Cliffe it is bedecked in invasion stripes and carries the triangular Squadron identification marking on the outside of the vertical tail surface. As the war progressed General Jimmy Doolittle turned the fighters of the Eighth Air Force loose from their bomber escort roll allowing them to “freelance” and attack such targets of opportunity. Strafing attacks were considered to be exceedingly dangerous which was reflected in heavy losses inflicted on the USAAF fighter groups.

A tribute to the P-38 and its pilots who made a valiant contribution to the air war in Europe.


  • Limited Edition Print only. #5 out of edition of 38. Dimensions: 31″ W x 24″ H Overall, 29″ W x 17″ H Image. $495.00 + S&H


  • Framed, Glassed and Matted Print with General ‘Jimmy’ Doolittle & 6 more signatures of flying aces! Print #2 out of edition of 38. This print has 2 unique original artist drawn remarques of P-38’s. In the top center is Eighth Air Force Badge and above it is the General Jimmy Doolittle Autograph. The other six ace pilot autographs are:
    Top row, left to right
    Lieutenant Colonel Frank D Hurlbut
    Brigadier General Robin Olds
    Bottom row, left to right
    Colonel Gerald Brown
    Colonel Arthur Jeffrey
    Colonel John Lowell
    Colonel Jack M Ilfrey
    All P38 aces in the ETO.
    In the bottom center left is the 55th Fighter Squadron badge and on the right is the USAAF Fighter Group badge. Stunning custom silver frame with accurate replica metal patch of U.S. Army Air Force Wings in the bottom center of the matting.
    Overall Dimensions: 40″ H x 36″H. Includes Certificate of Authenticity.  $ 2,995 + exact S&H