Formation Finish Autographed by Chris Amon & Carroll Shelby


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Artist: Nicholas Watts
Drivers: Carroll Shelby, Chris Amon
Dimensions: 28″ x 22″

This print is taken from a limited edition of 500 by Nicholas Watts. Sparing no expense, Ford scored a historic victory at Le Mans in 1996. The Shelby American-entered GT 40 NK two, driven by Chris Amon and Bruce McClaren, was declared the winner, breaking the 3,000 mile 125 mile per hour barrier for the first time. The scene depicts the winning car as it passes through the White House corner on the final lap, with the second place car of Miles and Holm being followed by the similar car of Beckham and Hutchinson. The dead heat which was planned by Henry Ford II was technically impossible, as the cars had started 20 meters apart.

Signature options are:
– Prints from the signed and numbered edition autographed by Carroll Shelby & Chris Amon
– Prints from the signed and numbered edition autographed by Chris Amon
– Artist-signed Artist Proofs are also available, but are not autographed